What means "Bayadère" ?

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For my English reader :
Many of them ask me "What means Bayadère ?". "Bayadère" is a fabric with contrasting horizontal stripes.

(Sorry for the expression "What means ?". I'm not sure that is a correct English...)

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mcmartian 10/05/2007 13:00

In English it would be What is Bayadere? Or Bayadere means _____. We understand though. English is a weird language even for those of us who speak it as a first language!mcmartian

noreenastin 10/05/2007 08:47

Thanks. In English, you would say "How do you say____" or "What does the word '____' mean? We understood you, however. English is a stinker of a language to really learn, since it takes words and rules from many sources. I teach it. Thanks for your efforts to learn. You're brave, and you do well.